Mini Purse & Journal #2

I hope you have your supplies ready (see previous post) because we are ready to jump right in and get this project done! I know that by posting this project completely on the first day of the month, it makes a long time until the next one comes out in June, but I really wanted you to be able to do this today. A cut little “May Basket” will make a friend’s day today! All it will take is less than 1/2 hour of your time. Mini Purse & Journal! Yes, this project will take maybe 20 minutes! The video… Continue reading

Month 5 — Mini Purse & Journal

As I said in my last post, I’m really excited to share this month’s project for our 12 Month’s of Wholeness through Creativity. May’s project is super quick and easy. This Mini Purse will make a perfect Mother’s Day gift (for your mom, a friend, or YOU) or mini “May Basket” or Just Because gift. It will hold a Lip Balm or Essential Oil roller, Mini Journal, Ghiradelli square, and/or Gift Card. (Probably not ALL of those, but a couple anyhow.) I’ll be showing you how to make 2 different versions. The more “Traditional” purse is made with the score… Continue reading