Collage Free Play #2

We’re continuing Summertime Funtime with creative play this month, for our 8th project in our 12 Months of Creativity through Wholeness. If you haven’t watched the Intro & Supplies video, go back to that post and get ready to play! Keeping with our summer fun theme, we’re going KISS style, Keep It Simple Sister. No planned out layouts. No overthinking. No art skills required. Just fun, creative play, for reducing stress and growing in peace and joy! In this video, I share some basic art principles and guidelines for quick, collage free play, that may help you create pieces you… Continue reading

Month 8 – Collage Free Play

August is here. Summer is winding down, on the calendar and schedules, if not by the weather. The fun and play of creating should never end, but this is the last of our Summertime Funtime segment of our 12 Months of Wholeness through Creativity, where we’ve been having some messy, creative play this summer. This month we will continue work in the Art Journals we started last month, and maybe even on Tags we made backgrounds on in June. But the difference in how we do this for Summertime Funtime, is that we won’t be planning an every-piece-carefully-chosen-and-placed layout, like… Continue reading