Creative Bible Journaling #1

Choosing a Bible to Journal In

The place to start Creative Bible Journaling is obviously with a Bible. You may choose to use your everyday reading Bible or a different one. You may choose any regular Bible, or one designed specifically for journaling, which may include a different type of even stronger paper, wide margins, journaling prompt designs in the margins, or even an interleaved Bible, meaning every other page is blank for the journaling. Some people prefer to only utilize the margins or interleaved, blank pages, and not cover up any of the words of the Scripture with their journaling. Others utilize the whole page, having another Bible for reading, so not minding if some of the words are covered. Just choose one of a reliable, accurate translation, since you are studying and meditating on the Word of God.

Regular Bibles have thin, strong paper that holds up pretty well to many artistic journaling mediums. My preference is a Journaling Bible (or any Bible) with wide margins, where I do most of my artistic journaling, but I also cover as much of the page as I choose to, since I have plenty of other Bibles for reading any verses that may be covered in this one. The Journaling Bible I use is called Journal the Word. I also have a mini/compact Bible for doing micro-Artistic Journaling, which does cover the smaller pages, and I’ve done a few pages in other Bibles I have.

I also have creatively journaled many Scriptures in an Creative Faith Journal I keep, which also has hymns, quotes and other faith inspiration. You learned how to create Artisan Journals in our first project in January. You can make one of those, using paper that is good for the mediums you choose to use.  I really enjoy Creative Hymn Journaling also, since I love rich hymns for worship, but usually I use pages taken from a hymnal (that is falling apart), rather than actually doing my creative journaling in a hymnal. 

 If you aren’t wanting to buy a new, particular Journaling Bible, you may be able to find a regular Bible, perhaps even a wide margin one, at a thrift store or used book store. I do not recommend using a paperback Bible with regular book paper. It won’t hold up. You could use that type of Bible if you are removing pages and adhering them into another type of Faith Journal notebook, where most of the applied mediums are not to the Bible page itself. 

What Do I Journal?

Before we get to choosing supplies, I want to cover what may be simple or may be difficult, but is always asked. How do you choose what to journal? Choosing a passage to journal about is completely personal and totally up to you, whether you choose from just a random reading or your scheduled reading plan. Choose a verse, passage or key word on a page. This is growing your relationship with God and expressing your worship in a creative visual way. No one can tell you what that looks like.

Blank page syndrome can attack in so many ways. You can probably think of many meaningful verses to you, until you are actually confronted with choosing one to start with. To get you started: Do you have a favorite or “life” verse? Are you reading through the Bible, following a Bible reading plan? What stood out to you from that? Do you read a devotional that has a Scripture focus each day? Are you in a Bible study you could choose meaningful verses from? What did your pastor preach on this week? Even, what topic is on your heart right now? Use a concordance or topical Bible to find verses about that topic. Start keeping a list in your planner or a notebook of verses you come across, that you’d like to come back to and add an artistic expression to later.

Still stuck? There are many places to find not only Bible reading schedules, but also Bible Journaling prompts. Here are a couple I’ve found, that provide a Free monthly calendar of prompts. They have other Bible Journaling products also. Bible Journal Love–April Scripture prompts. Bible Journaling ministries — sign up for their emails to get the calendar.

In the next post, I’ll get into a variety of styles and supplies, to make this expression of worship truly yours.

Living Coram Deo!

~ Liberty

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