Love Matchbox #2

This is the second month and project in our 12 Months of Wholeness through Creativity series. We will be making a Matchbox, treasure chest, to celebrate Love. Go back to the previous post for the Supplies List, and then let’s get started.

Cut and score:

From plain (white or colored) cardstock:
Cut 5.5″ square
On the Envelope Punch Board, score it at 1 7/8″ and 2 3/4″. Rotate counter clockwise 90° and score at 2 3/4″ and 3 5/8″. These will line the notch up with the scores you just made on the first side. Repeat for the other 2 sides, lining up the notch with the previous scores.

Cut the 6×6″ patterned cardstock to 6″ x (scant)3 1/2″, with the pattern running lengthwise.
On the score board, score it at 1 1/8″, 1 3/4″, 4″, 4 5/8″.

From either cardstock, cut a bottom liner for the inside of the drawer, 2 1/16″x3 1/4″.

Fold all score lines and burnish.
For the drawer, you will fold both scores on each side the same directions, forming the sides of the drawer. Push the insides (triangles) down in the drawer, and crease along the score lines. Leaving these triangles in the bottom, will strengthen you drawer. (It’s easiest to just make those inside creases with your fingernail, but you can do them on your score board if you want. See video.)
On the drawer, punch a notch out of one of the short sides folded over top. (You can do this on the punch board, or use a small round punch and only punch 1/2 the circle.)
Cut on the score line of each little scored square, in the corners, up to the next score, to make tabs. (See video)
Put adhesive between two of the narrow scores, on the long sides of the drawer, then fold over to adhere them together. Add adhesive to each short side (again, between 2 narrow scores,) and fold each side up tucking the tabs inside, to complete the box. (You can also add adhesive to each of the triangles before folding them in.)
Adhere the bottom liner to the inside of the drawer.

Wrap the patterned paper around the drawer, with the seam on the bottom of the drawer. (Make sure it is the same length as your drawer. Trim a little off if needed.) Put adhesive on the front side of one end and the back side of the other, then wrap around the drawer and adhere. If using liquid glue, be careful it doesn’t ooze out and glue your drawer shut.

Decorate the top of your box. The ones below all have the same basic embellishments, but are all from different papers. In the video I discuss other options, and my goal is still to find time to post another short video of just decorating ideas. But I wanted to get the main box making video up as soon as possible.

Fill your box with a “treasure” (jewelry, chocolate, candies.)
Give to someone you love, even if that is YOU!

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