Month 9 – Paint Pouring

With this month’s project in 12 Month’s of Wholeness through Creativity, we are 3/4 of the way through these FREE classes. Only 3 more to go! I hope you’re enjoying them, and will to continue with Freely Whole {Creative} with even more great Freedom & Simplicity™ projects in my Membership program in 2021. But for today…

This summer in our 12 Months course, we’ve been having Summertime Funtime, with some messy creative play. I’m not ready to give that up, so let’s go for one more month! These projects don’t necessarily make a big mess, but they aren’t as structured and predictable as most of our other projects have been. They’ve just been playtime for finding freedom, in really fun techniques. This month’s is Paint Pouring.

As I try to do as often as possible, we’ll be reusing supplies we’ve used in previous projects, keeping needed supplies low, and giving very inexpensive options for just giving this a try. This month, we’ll be using Acrylic Paints again. You may even have all the other supplies you need around your home. If not, there’s even $1 options.

Watch this Intro & Supplies video. Gather your supplies. And I’ll be back with the Instruction video.

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