Coercive Control

Domestic violence expert, Julie Owens: “Most DV is not just getting hit or physically injured. In fact, the majority of abuse tactics (including many that equate to torture) aren’t even against the law. Partner abuse is much, much more than the cruel things an abuser DOES TO his partner. It is also things he TAKES FROM her – her autonomy, her freedom to come and go as she pleases, her peace of mind, her friends, her personal space, her privacy, her dignity, her financial independence, her sense of self, and so much more. Many victims live under constant siege; like a prisoner, a possession or a slave, not an intimate partner. Often, a pervasive pattern of control is evident, and the perpetrator dominates the victim’s entire life by using intimidation, threats and violence to enforce rules he creates. He then punishes her for non-compliance, orperceived disobedience or disloyalty. This violation of the victim’s basic human rights is referred to as COERCIVE CONTROL.”

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