Time the Enemy of Passion

All my grand plans for Christmas crafting have been thwarted. All the clearance priced dies and stamps I’d waited patiently for those prices for, and have been longing to use, sit unopened on my desk. Time chose to be my enemy. Taunting me with promises of soon, only to present another barrier. The bits of downtime were necessary as truly DOWN time, not creative time. Beginning just before ThanksGiving, dad’s hospitalization, nursing home move, my business push, concert performances, finals, out of town workshop, … all took priority. The “needs” of life, pushing out the good, enjoyment of life. Yes…. Continue reading

Card Shower

Kind of. I’m showering you with pictures of the cards I’ve made over the last 3 months. Because I noticed I haven’t posted any since July! 😲 But August and September are “light” months for me, so this is only a shower, not a flood. 😀 Even though card making isn’t my favorite papercraft, I do enjoy it. And I have a large family, so it keeps me busy—especially in keeping the creative juices flowing. As I never mass make. Every one is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation, even when there are some similarities. Some are more simple. Some more elaborate…. Continue reading

Wine Rack Vinyl

One of today’s creative projects. I’m working on a few. I rarely have a glass, but I got this wine rack to review, and it matches other black metal pieces in my dining room. I had the perfect spot for it, above my “tea”/ beverage bar. One of my sons hung it for me today, and I wanted to add an appropriate saying. i.e. appropriate for a rare drinker, but who also believes an occasional glass of wine is better #selfcare than toxic pharmaceuticals. I designed and cut this saying on my Cricut. And love how this turned out. ❤️… Continue reading

Fabric Journal Cover Tutorial

Let’s get this out of the way before we start here. No, this isn’t a fabric cover that you put over a pre-made journal you have. This tutorial is for making a fabric cover for your hand-crafted eclectic artisan (or “junk”) journal, you’ll be making inside of it. As someone who loves the feel and patterns of fabric, (even more than of paper,) fabric covered journals are my faves! And, if you know me much, you know purple is my favorite color. Add one of my favorite “mottos” and you’ve got a perfect cover for a hand-crafted eclectic artisan journal!… Continue reading

Soul Care – Creativity

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Vinyl Priorities

Too many vinyl projects had been stacking up here. Each of these were individual projects. But with no deadline. Not “urgent”. Not “really important.” So they sat as only completed designs in my Cricut Design Space, waiting to be cut and applied. None were hard. None took long to apply. But they weren’t urgent. So they patiently waited. For a stolen moment. Until I set a deadline. For all of them. Before I left on a trip. Deadlines make great motivators. They make things priorities, and important. 2 “tumblers”. 2 car decals. 2 Tshirts, (the other didn’t make the picture.)… Continue reading

Tag Pocket w/Hidden Journal

This little fold up pocket houses 2 tags in pockets, and hidden journaling paper. You can use it as a stand alone or add it to a journal page. Glue it to the page, tuck it in a pocket, or glue it down on only 2 or 3 sides to make an additional pocket or tuck spot. Three paper scrap strips and some embellishments are all it takes to make this easy fold up. Supply list: Two 12×3” strips (different) patterned cardstock (double-sided if you have it) 11×2.75” tea-dyed paper Embellishments as desired Paper trimmer Scoring board Envelope Punch Board… Continue reading

Neurographica-Inspired Soul Care

Sometimes we just can’t express in words what we want to say or our feelings. But we all know a picture paints 1000 words. When emotions are bottled up, or we’re feeling stuck and aren’t seeing solutions, art provides a way to release our feelings, emotions and thoughts without words. Creative activity provides that release and relieves stress. But specific artistic techniques can go even further than that. Although all kinds of art, crafting, and other creative expressions can have therapeutic benefits, (and I share many of those types of creative expression on this site,) the therapeutic art exercise I’m… Continue reading

Intro to My Take on Neurographica™️

If you know me, you know I love learning and studying new things. I’ve been working on and studying something new, the past 9 months or so. It’s an art therapy technique of sorts. It can be helpful in working through anxiety, stress, and trauma, as well as in brain rewiring and mindset change for growth in life in general. I love doing it, and it is a great tool for healing and growth. As all artistic therapies, it’s all about the process and the healing work, not the finished “art” project. Neurographica™️ is a drawing technique based on neuroscience… Continue reading

TN Journal Folio

Journaling can be a hugely helpful tool in healing and self-care. Having beautiful journals to write in can bring a spot of brightness to our situation, that may be very dark, ugly, and painful. That is why I make journals for myself, and post so much about journal making. Not only is the creative process of making custom, artisan journals an outlet for our creativity, calming, and healing, but the finished, uniquely-made journal is a beautiful place for us to document our journey in life—the good as well as the bad, in our healing process. I love Traveler’s Notebook sized… Continue reading