Month 9 – Paint Pouring

With this month’s project in 12 Month’s of Wholeness through Creativity, we are 3/4 of the way through these FREE classes. Only 3 more to go! I hope you’re enjoying them, and will to continue with Freely Whole {Creative} with even more great Freedom & Simplicity™ projects in my Membership program in 2021. But for today… This summer in our 12 Months course, we’ve been having Summertime Funtime, with some messy creative play. I’m not ready to give that up, so let’s go for one more month! These projects don’t necessarily make a big mess, but they aren’t as structured… Continue reading

Collage Free Play #2

We’re continuing Summertime Funtime with creative play this month, for our 8th project in our 12 Months of Creativity through Wholeness. If you haven’t watched the Intro & Supplies video, go back to that post and get ready to play! Keeping with our summer fun theme, we’re going KISS style, Keep It Simple Sister. No planned out layouts. No overthinking. No art skills required. Just fun, creative play, for reducing stress and growing in peace and joy! In this video, I share some basic art principles and guidelines for quick, collage free play, that may help you create pieces you… Continue reading

Month 8 – Collage Free Play

August is here. Summer is winding down, on the calendar and schedules, if not by the weather. The fun and play of creating should never end, but this is the last of our Summertime Funtime segment of our 12 Months of Wholeness through Creativity, where we’ve been having some messy, creative play this summer. This month we will continue work in the Art Journals we started last month, and maybe even on Tags we made backgrounds on in June. But the difference in how we do this for Summertime Funtime, is that we won’t be planning an every-piece-carefully-chosen-and-placed layout, like… Continue reading

Art Journal Play #2

July is the month to celebrate Freedom! Regardless of our circumstances, in America, we have so many freedoms to both be grateful for, and to stand up and fight to retain. This month’s project is all about individual, creative freedom. As I said in the Introduction & Supplies post for this month’s project, there are no “musts” to this. It is all about play and freeing up our creativity, with no shaming ourselves. But as a 12 Months of Wholeness through Creativity project, there is a bit of direction we’re going to take. That is to make a Traveler’s Notebook… Continue reading

Month 7 – Art Journal Play

Let Freedom Ring! Can you believe we are in the second half of 2020? It’s been a crazy ride so far. Let’s pray things start turning around. Have you had enough of the stress and concern? It’s time to shake it off and PLAY! We are continuing our Summertime Funtime theme this month for our 7th project in our 12 Months of Wholeness through Creativity. This project is solely for de-stressing, soul care. For learning to let it go. It will help get the creative juices flowing. It will increase your creativity. It will give you practice that is needed… Continue reading

Tags & Techniques #3

One final video for this month, our first Tags & Techniques month, in our 12 Months of Wholeness through Creativity journey. I’m sure we’ll do another month sometime, as there are so many techniques we can use in paper crafting. Remember, we are in our free & messy summer phase!! So, anything goes. I am so excited about what I have to share with you next month! Speaking of free & messy, look what I just did last week! Not something I ever thought I’d do or even ever wanted to do. I’m a chicken! But less than 24 hours… Continue reading

Tags & Techniques #2

Time to continue on with our Tags & Techniques this month. More play, experimenting, and FUN! We are continuing with our project for our 6th month in 12 Months of Wholeness through Creativity, where we’re making beauty from ashes, putting pieces together to help create peace in our lives. No art skill necessary. If you haven’t already read and watched Part 1, go back to the beginning of this month’s project. You still need Tag bases, as discussed in Part 1, but for Part 2 here, we’re going to be working with Distress Inks and Distress Oxide Inks. You will… Continue reading

Month 6 – Tags & Techniques

Summertime is finally here, and it’s time to PLAY!! So far our monthly projects, for 12 Months of Wholeness through Creativity, have been pretty structured, but this summer we’re going to venture out, do some playing and get messy. Letting go of expectations and perfections, and just experimenting, trying new things, and practicing techniques is how we grow in creativity in our craft. And, it’s how we reduce everyday stress and heal from trauma through creativity. So let’s jump in! As always, no artistic skill needed. If you play everyday, good things will happen to you artistically and mentally. Dina… Continue reading

Mini Purse & Journal #2

I hope you have your supplies ready (see previous post) because we are ready to jump right in and get this project done! I know that by posting this project completely on the first day of the month, it makes a long time until the next one comes out in June, but I really wanted you to be able to do this today. A cut little “May Basket” will make a friend’s day today! All it will take is less than 1/2 hour of your time. Mini Purse & Journal! Yes, this project will take maybe 20 minutes! The video… Continue reading

Month 5 — Mini Purse & Journal

As I said in my last post, I’m really excited to share this month’s project for our 12 Month’s of Wholeness through Creativity. May’s project is super quick and easy. This Mini Purse will make a perfect Mother’s Day gift (for your mom, a friend, or YOU) or mini “May Basket” or Just Because gift. It will hold a Lip Balm or Essential Oil roller, Mini Journal, Ghiradelli square, and/or Gift Card. (Probably not ALL of those, but a couple anyhow.) I’ll be showing you how to make 2 different versions. The more “Traditional” purse is made with the score… Continue reading