Neurodivergence and Abuse

This isn’t my typical post, as I usually share on recognizing abuse/gaining clarity and gaining healing, recovery and rebuilding. But I feel this topic fits into gaining Clarity. Recently I’ve heard from a lot of survivors (not therapists or professionals or advocates), blaming abuse on neurodivergence/autism or about narcissists being neurodivergent. Nope! Abuse is abuse. And narcs are abusive. Neither neurodivergence nor autism (a type of ND) cause abuse, and they are no excuse for it. If someone is ND AND abusive, the abuse is on them for their entitlement, coercion, manipulation, etc. not their ND. When you consider the… Continue reading

God Will Sustain You

💖 My computer screensaver for several years. Take it for you, too.Perhaps not everyone supports you, but God has others that do support you and pray for you, as He sustains you. 💝 Living Coram Deo & freely wholeSDG!~ Liberty Subscribe to my email list in the sidebar and get notifications of future posts on this website. Join me on Facebook, Like & Follow my Freely Whole public page.To share Soul Care Creativity, join my Freely Whole Creative Community on Facebook,and Follow @FreelyWhole on Instagram and hashtag your creations #freelywholecreative Please consider supporting Freely Whole ministries. Your support helps me to continue to provide Soul Healing content, to… Continue reading

Oh Well!

I lived on adrenaline for most of my adult life. But it didn’t serve me well. I’ve gone from superwoman, of 24/7/52 doing it all for everyone, to “Oh well”. At times, over the past several years, I’ve felt “Oh well” had become my mantra. But it was much needed, and served me well. I remember the first time I used that phrase during the divorce process about some deadline that was impossible to meet. “Oh well”. I can only do what I can do. I’m only human. First time I or anyone else acknowledged that? That I wasn’t going… Continue reading

Rest—Mixed Media Page

Rest is a mixed media page that was created in my “She Created a Life She Loves” journal, a book I designed for creatively representing things in my life that I love. Things that I or God has purposely added to my new life to bring beauty and joy. If you haven’t seen this journal, there is a process post for making it, here. This page represents the Rest I find in Him, and a part of my life I created that I love—my comfy, cozy place where I find rest. Where He makes me to lie down, and restores… Continue reading

Bible Journaling—Psalm 19

☀️The heavens declare the glory of God!🌑 Today’s full eclipse was an amazing display of God’s creativity and precise order in His creation. Rightfully, people were super excited at the chance to see this less than once in a lifetime event. Seeing such a fabulous show of God’s glory is truly an awe inspiring experience—even if only viewing on TV or online. It is worth talking about, traveling to, taking photos of—and praising God for. I wasn’t in the path of totality—this time. But had this once in a lifetime experience when the 2017 full eclipse path of totality crossed… Continue reading