Bible Journaling—Psalm 19

☀️The heavens declare the glory of God!🌑

Today’s full eclipse was an amazing display of God’s creativity and precise order in His creation. Rightfully, people were super excited at the chance to see this less than once in a lifetime event. Seeing such a fabulous show of God’s glory is truly an awe inspiring experience—even if only viewing on TV or online. It is worth talking about, traveling to, taking photos of—and praising God for.

I wasn’t in the path of totality—this time. But had this once in a lifetime experience when the 2017 full eclipse path of totality crossed my location, and I was blessed to witness it from my own yard.

But the coming of this eclipse was different. It caused a lot of uproar of a different type than the one in 2017. Then, there were no loud fear-driven warnings of shortages, catastrophies, the end of world, and such. My guess is that this post-shutdowns world that we live in contributed to the hype. But far more tragic was the wide-spread spouting of “christian” divination—that’s forbidden by God, and totally adds heaps to scripture, and is a mockery against, and totally misses the actual words of the Text.

The “signs” we will see in the heavens, at His coming, will not be the predictable eclipses that, though rare, do come regularly. We are not to be an evil generation seeking “signs in the heavens,” but rather a faithful Bride, prepared and waiting for her Bridegroom, who comes at an hour unknown.

This was certainly a supernatural event—yet, a natural phenomenon, designed by the Creator of the Universe, before Creation. But it was not a “sign” of anything other than displaying God’s glory, through His creativity and predictable order. The earth continues to turn. The sun continues to rise. The moon continues orbit us. And predictably, those paths at times cross. And bring us an even more spectacular display of His glory.

My design for this Scripture, in Psalm 19:1-6, is simple digital journaling, in basic black and white. The image of the “diamond ring” effect, just before totality, is not my own picture.

I’d actually painted out this design before designing it digitally. My attempt really wasn’t bad, but my simple painting didn’t display what the mostly black, with a hint of white, photo does. So digital it became.

My touches of color came in highlighting the verses, and my “sun” page tab. Both were colored with Mustard Seed Distress Watercolor Pencil. The sun was cut with SIZZIX Positive Spin die.

I hope you are inspired by God’s supernaturally natural displays of His glory, showing His care for every detail in His creation, including His care for you, and everything that happens in your life.

Now, go observe His glory and His beauty in Creation, and follow His design and create something you love—and a life you love!

Living Coram Deo & freely whole
~ Liberty

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