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Creating beauty from ashes! Life Restoration Coach & Creativity “therapy”. Soul care for Christian women post-marital abuse and divorce. Life! Liberty! Pursuit of Happiness!

Beauty from Ashes Video Tutorial

A Mixed Media composition tutorial in my She Created a Life She Loves Journal. A reminder that creativity is not an “if-there’s-time” extra. But it is an important part of living a healthy life, and a powerful healer through life’s hard times. That we need creative beauty in life. Click here for written post with full supply list, pictures, and more info. Living Coram Deo & freely wholeSDG!~ Liberty Subscribe to my email list in the sidebar and get notifications of future posts on this website. Join me on Facebook, Like & Follow my Freely Whole public page.To share Soul Care Creativity, join… Continue reading

Beauty from Ashes Mixed Media Journal Page

Do you ever think you don’t have time to create? That it isn’t worth taking time for? That creativity is just an “extra”, for if everything else actually ever gets completely done, and you have nothing else to do? Only a reward you only get to enjoy, if you’ve worked real hard and finished every possible other thing? I’m loving 😍 this page composition, that I finished today. A reminder of my long espoused belief and motto that we were created to create, like our Creator. That creativity is not an “if-there’s-time extra”. But it is an important part of… Continue reading

Easiest Super Tip for Bible Art Journalers

Do you love mixed media Bible Journalling but… The answer is simple as can be. You’re going to go, “Of course!” But I still see these questions asked over and over, repeatedly everyday. The easiest answer could be, “Just chill out. None of it is a big deal. God isn’t going to be mad at you if you have an ugly page or misspelled word, or can see the back side. Mixed media Bible Journaling is about expressing creatively your worship to God, in response to you studying His Word. He’s pleased with your imperfect worship. It is not about… Continue reading

Bible Journaling-Galatians 5

It is for Freedom we have been set Free! ~Galatians 5:1 This week was the celebration of our nation’s freedoms. So many freedoms gained in 1776 and progressing from then for more and more. Now, our nation has taken a turn, and we are losing so many hard fought for freedoms. When a nation ceases to be good, it ceases to be great. (Alexis de Tocqueville) If we ever forget we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under. (Ronald Reagan) But we, that belong to Jesus the Messiah, have a Freedom that can never… Continue reading

Faith Journal Coptic Stitch Binding Video

I stepped out of my usual with this project. It’s a beautiful Faith Journal with a Coptic Stitch binding, made from a digital kit, Neutral Vintage Collage Kit from Diane Marra @ Faith Art Design Studio on Etsy. Watch the video for the process and flip through, or read the process below. Another difference in this journal is I limited myself to only the kit and a few other papers—tea dyed and music staff papers, Bible and hymn pages, and no other outside ephemera, as well as only minimal basic tools, so anyone could do similar. I really toned this… Continue reading

Accordion Art Journal Video

Here’s the video version tutorial for making a Mini Accordion Art Journal. See more details in the written Tutorial here. Living Coram Deo & freely wholeSDG!~ Liberty Subscribe to my email list in the sidebar and get notifications of future posts on this website. Join me on Facebook, Like & Follow my Freely Whole public page.To share Soul Care Creativity, join my Freely Whole Creative Community on Facebook,and Follow @FreelyWhole on Instagram and hashtag your creations #freelywholecreative Please consider supporting Freely Whole ministries. Your support helps me to continue to provide Soul Healing content, to empower you and others to… Continue reading

Accordion Art Journal

This easy to make, and fun to use mini Art Journal will make creating a breeze. Make this journal with just 3 simple paper supplies plus basic tools. Then you can get creative with any type of art work you please on the inner pages. Supplies: For this journal you need 1) mixed media or water color paper—for inner pages, 2 sheets, 9×12”. 2) chip board—for book covers—At least medium weight. I recommend heavier than cereal/cracker boxes, something more like a HEAVY backing from a paper pad or at least 2 layers of food box. 1/2 page size is plenty…. Continue reading

Mixed Media Prayer Cards

Who is God? We can’t imagine all that our Almighty, Sovereign God encompasses. But we are well served, comforted and encouraged by praying to Him using some of the names from His characteristics that others, in the Bible, called out to Him by. I did this project as part of the Encounters in Colour, online Christian Art Journaling Retreat, by Jenna Burnes with other additional art teachers. This lesson, to make Messy Play Prayer Cards by altering playing cards, was taught by Emily Henderson. As always, I went rogue in the art, and also had my own individual meditations. I… Continue reading