Continue in Awareness

As we wind up this month’s focus on Domestic Abuse Awareness, there is obviously far, far more to be said. I’ve kept things pretty succinct this past month, out of necessity. The point was to bring awareness. To ignore this issue, to not offer support, to not bother to learn how to support victims/survivors, when this issue is so rampant only compounds the problem. Nearly 1/3 of all women have suffered domestic abuse–and sadly, for Christian women the statistics aren’t really any better. Sticking your head in the sand won’t make this problem go away. The ramifications of Domestic Abuse… Continue reading

Domestic Abuse Awareness – #30

“All throughout my marriage, I prayed for peace. I was emotionally tired from the continuous mind games, the constant deception, and trying to keep the marriage alive when it had been dead for years. “I just was so ready to surround myself with people who treated each other with care and concern, and kindness and respect, like I had experienced before I married. Divorce became the answer to those sorrowful, lonely nights lamenting to God to bring the peace back into my life… “Since my divorce, I’ve learned that I can’t change anyone but myself. But I can make the… Continue reading