ThanksGiving Reflections—In the Midst

I’ve been sharing ThanksGiving #gratitude quotes every day this month. And as I continue to press into gratitude, I also walk through this chapter of the saga. This week holds many Body Keeps the Score messages for me. Ones from previous years are healed, but scars don’t disappear. The reminder is there. Just not the sting. Sometimes of sad things. Sometimes of fearful things. Thankfully happy ones are in the mix. Always of God’s faithfulness. His strength. His love and care. Him getting me through. When I’m feeling something churning inside, and it’s not related to anything currently going on,… Continue reading

Happy Holidays?

Holidays after divorce or separation can be hard to navigate, especially that first year. Even if it’s decided where the kids are going to be, there is so much more that goes into it—especially emotionally. Perhaps you are sad that you won’t be all together, doing the things you always do. Perhaps you are relieved that he’s not there sabotaging things and causing more stress. Perhaps your emotions are a mixed bag. If it’s your first year apart, and everything is still fresh and raw, and your young children are with him, not at home with you—or if you have… Continue reading

Card Shower

Kind of. I’m showering you with pictures of the cards I’ve made over the last 3 months. Because I noticed I haven’t posted any since July! 😲 But August and September are “light” months for me, so this is only a shower, not a flood. 😀 Even though card making isn’t my favorite papercraft, I do enjoy it. And I have a large family, so it keeps me busy—especially in keeping the creative juices flowing. As I never mass make. Every one is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation, even when there are some similarities. Some are more simple. Some more elaborate…. Continue reading