Neurographica-Inspired Soul Care

Sometimes we just can’t express in words what we want to say or our feelings. But we all know a picture paints 1000 words. When emotions are bottled up, or we’re feeling stuck and aren’t seeing solutions, art provides a way to release our feelings, emotions and thoughts without words. Creative activity provides that release and relieves stress. But specific artistic techniques can go even further than that. Although all kinds of art, crafting, and other creative expressions can have therapeutic benefits, (and I share many of those types of creative expression on this site,) the therapeutic art exercise I’m… Continue reading

Intro to My Take on Neurographica™️

If you know me, you know I love learning and studying new things. I’ve been working on and studying something new, the past 9 months or so. It’s an art therapy technique of sorts. It can be helpful in working through anxiety, stress, and trauma, as well as in brain rewiring and mindset change for growth in life in general. I love doing it, and it is a great tool for healing and growth. As all artistic therapies, it’s all about the process and the healing work, not the finished “art” project. Neurographica™️ is a drawing technique based on neuroscience… Continue reading

TN Journal Folio

Journaling can be a hugely helpful tool in healing and self-care. Having beautiful journals to write in can bring a spot of brightness to our situation, that may be very dark, ugly, and painful. That is why I make journals for myself, and post so much about journal making. Not only is the creative process of making custom, artisan journals an outlet for our creativity, calming, and healing, but the finished, uniquely-made journal is a beautiful place for us to document our journey in life—the good as well as the bad, in our healing process. I love Traveler’s Notebook sized… Continue reading


I’m sure beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Color. Shape. Pattern. And beauty goes far beyond the sense of sight. To our other senses. Scent. Texture. Sound. Our Emotions can be triggered by any of these. Many things make something beautiful to us. Today, I found beauty in paper. Now, you know I LOVE color. And I LOVE pattern. Like in the paper I made this Folio from about three weeks ago. But today’s beauty is found in an even more simple pleasure. It’s still paper. But very little color or design. I spent a little time… Continue reading