Easiest Super Tip for Bible Art Journalers

Do you love mixed media Bible Journalling but…

  • You don’t want to cover up the words of Scripture.
  • You don’t want to “mess up” your Bible with mistakes.
  • You don’t want any bleed through showing through the page behind.

The answer is simple as can be. You’re going to go, “Of course!” But I still see these questions asked over and over, repeatedly everyday.

  • Probably the number one question is “What do I use that won’t bleed through?”
  • Right up there with that is “I think it’s horrible to ever cover any words of Scripture.”
  • And third is, “Oh no! I made a mistake and ruined my whole Bible.”

The easiest answer could be, “Just chill out. None of it is a big deal. God isn’t going to be mad at you if you have an ugly page or misspelled word, or can see the back side. Mixed media Bible Journaling is about expressing creatively your worship to God, in response to you studying His Word. He’s pleased with your imperfect worship. It is not about the perfection of creating a masterpiece art piece on display to all the world.”

But many can’t just jump to acceptance of that answer. It leaves them disquieted, and that’s the opposite of what we want from Bible Art Journaling.

So, if you are fine with—

  • sticking to the white space /margin you’re given — you wouldn’t be concerned with covering up the printed words if you aren’t ok with this.
  • adding a little bulk — you wouldn’t be doing mixed media in your Bible if you aren’t ok with this.

Ready for the Tip?

⭐️ Do your mixed media work on a strip or a tag that fits within your margin, and complete it before you adhere it to the Bible page.

Problem solved!

  • No bleed through.
  • No covering the words.
  • No mistakes. If you make any, throw it out and do it again before adhering into your Bible.

Second easiest solution ever! And you can use any medium you enjoy working with.

This method—that I use often—brought to you by lived experience! I’m so glad I was using this method for my latest entry, as the first attempt for that page was a big fail. Not the end of the world if it had been in my Bible, but it got too busy and I wasn’t happy with the look. It wasn’t what I’d envisioned. So… I threw it away, redid what I liked from it on my second attempt. And loved the outcome before I adhered it.

⭐️ Want a bigger space to work with? Make your base “strip” bigger, and attach your finished work as a Tip-in (with washer or other tape only on one edge), rather than gluing it to the margin.

Now go make Beauty from Ashes!

Living Coram Deo & freely whole
~ Liberty

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