Jesus Wept

This is far from the first time that I find myself weeping at the vicious division in God’s home. It looks just like the world, trying to lord it over others, and each claiming God is on their side. Each claiming this is THE thing that matters most. What I don’t see is Jesus in it.

Like the world, there is deliberate division being caused between men and women. Scripture is being used, not as God’s merciful love drawing people to Himself and rescuing them from sin, but as a weapon, twisted or taken out of context, to beat others into compliance with the hot topic of the day. I see this coming from both (or multiple) sides. This puffing up of chests, makes me see only pride of a different stripe than the one the world is pushing currently.

I don’t see brotherly and sisterly love. I don’t see laying down self for others. I don’t see servant leadership. I don’t see humble foot-washing. I don’t see a focus on looking within self in humility. I don’t see “healing the broken-hearted, setting the captives free.” I don’t see much civil discourse. I see rants and tantrums, and demanding “my way is right.” I don’t see Jesus.

Meanwhile, I see once again the downtrodden that come to Jesus and His church for rescue, being swept aside as unimportant, discarded, cruelty minimized—to/by people, not to/by Jesus. The evil sin being downplayed. The position being up played.

I weep. I believe Jesus weeps.

I don’t have a solution. I know He does.

I know that He will shake everything that can be shaken. That the house divided will fall. That the house built on sand and not The Rock will fall.

I know that clinging to Him and Him alone is my only hope. In everything in life. I know that it can’t be known Who He is and what He does and has done apart from His Word.

We will stand together in Him, or we will fall.

So I weep.

This Scripture may not seem to fit what I’ve written here, but it (on the heels of the latest things blowing up the institution of the church) is what prompted these musings. For it is more about what is being hidden, while all this other is shouted from the rooftop.

Living Coram Deo & freely whole
~ Liberty

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