National Sewing Machine Day

Today, June 13th, is National Sewing Machine Day! If you have on clothes that you didn’t hand stitch together, thank Elias Howe, Isaac Singer, and other sewing machine inventors. If you want a creative, relaxing, productive hobby, try sewing. Especially consider an old treadle machine, if you’re just wanting hobby sewing, rather than becoming a clothing seamstress.

If you are a seamstress or creative, or love sewing machines or antiques, take a browse through my collection. And enjoy a little Soul Care!

Here are my ladies. Each picture has a description under it. My current fave to use lately is the 1929 White Rotary treadle. But when I’m making clothing, and have a deadline, I revert to my newer electric machines.

1929 White Rotary treadle, after I got her all cleaned up and humming along again. I call her Audrey, after Audrey Hepburn, also born in 1929.

The beauty below was to be the first, and only, old “treadle” machine I’d get, 9 years ago. It was the only old machine I ever expected to have. But I didn’t get it then. And when I opened it at that time and took this picture, I found this electric, not treadle, machine in the treadle cabinet. Even though I didn’t get this machine then, I began researching it, a 201-2, and learned that it is praised by many experts as the best machine ever. I knew someday it would actually be mine. And, … I still wanted to get an actual treadle machine.

1948 Singer 201-2 electric machine that had been placed in a treadle cabinet. “Pamela”

My research continued, to determine what treadle lady I’d want. After others heard of my interest, I was offered, for free or trade, other old “iron ladies.” Thus began my “Iron Lady” collection journey.

My collection has cost me a LOT in elbow grease and time to restore them, learning how to completely take them apart, clean them up and rebuild them. Thankfully, they’ve not cost me much in $. Each one is special for various reasons. ❤️

“Betty” (White) celebrates her 100th birthday this year! Her namesake was also born in 1922.
1929, Ruthie is named after the relative’s grandmother, who owned her. She’s a Singer 66, the most popular machine for many years.
Roxie Anne, 1956, came from a friend. Don’t let her small size fool you. She’s a great little workhorse. I use her quite a bit.
The same White (1929 Audrey) as in the first picture, before she’d been cleaned up. The 1916 still hasn’t had her bath and makeover, nor got a name.
Jocabed after Moses’ mother, with her Egyptian Sphinx decals, shows her age, at 130 years old, more than most of my other machines, but she is so special, with her shuttle bobbin.
Maggie is named after Margaret Thatcher, born in 1925. She is special in that she uses a spool of thread for the bobbin. She’s pretty rare, and is the beauty that I paid the most for.
The Singer 15-91 was known as the strongest workhorse in a home sewing machine. Louise lives up to her reputation. She’s named after my sister, born in the same year, that we lost when I was 5. She doesn’t have a case (yet), but that doesn’t stop her from doing her work.
These are no longer “newly received”, but they still look the same. 😄
My “newest” machines. Not black beauties, but descendants of all those hard working ladies that came before them.

I finally received Pamela (minus the cabinet) last year. 😂

Do you sew? Have you ever seen with a treadle? Do you have one? Tell me about your machine.

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