freely whole

Jesus has come to set us free and make us whole. But, even when redeemed by Him, and having received that spiritual freedom and wholeness, life on earth can keep us tied up in many ways. Our own sins, the sins of others against us, long term oppression, can all keep us from being all we were created to be. But Jesus is in the un-tying business, and working all for good for those who love Him and are called by Him for His purposes.

His means of Liberty are as unique as He has created each of us. Many of us share similar stories of finding that “good in the land of the living”. Many have very different stories. But for all, it is the Journey of Life. For those who belong to our Lord & Savior, it is a Journey that always has the Guide of Life by our side.

This site is a conglomeration of Life–the Life and Passions God has placed within me. A Life that has had many twists and turns, a life now much different than I’d ever thought or hoped for. But, it is the Life and Journey He has for me. And I am living it Freely Whole, pursing the Passions and Purposes He created me for!

Welcome! Come alongside and we’ll journey together.

Liberty ~ Freely Whole

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Creating beauty from ashes! Life Restoration Coach & Creativity “therapy”. Soul care for Christian women post-marital abuse and divorce. Life! Liberty! Pursuit of Happiness!

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