It’s 2020 time!

Good morning and Welcome to 2020! The second decade of a new century. Seems surreal… But also nostalgic, with the connection to the “roaring 20s” of the 1900s.

Today is the day when, universally, people will be making resolutions, setting goals, choosing focus words, …
many of those related to weight loss and getting healthy …
most of those to be forgotten in the next few weeks…
or days.

Yet it is an acknowledgment of the newness noted on the calendar.

Some of you are thinking of all this and saying, “I just can’t. I can’t add one more “to do” to my list that already is impossible to get done.” For those of us in this category, let’s set some ANTI-goals!
This year we will work on:
Self-care/ de-stressing/ healing

If you’re an over-functioner or people-pleaser, perhaps your resolution will be to learn to say, “No!” and not feel guilty about it.

Others are stuck and need some good motivation and vision. Perhaps you’re a procrastinator, perhaps you’re just plateaued, and it’s hard to muster up the umpff needed to do what needs to be done to move forward in your life. Some realistic goals, with planned baby steps to get there are needed. Perhaps some encouragement, support, and accountability to get there. Make that your first goal. To get the help you need to keep you going.

No matter where you stand today, you are standing at the fresh new beginning, regardless of the date on the calendar. You woke up this morning to a new day, a new chance at life, new opportunities and choices to make. New mercies from our loving God, who makes all things new. Trust in Him whose yoke is not burdensome,
Him Who is our strength,
Him Who is our Hope,
Him Who is our Peace,
Him Who is our Joy,
Him Who is our Life!

Him Who makes all things new!

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