Created to Create

In the beginning, God created…

Near the beginning, God gave humankind dominion over the earth–to steward it, and to in His image, bring creativity into it.

Creativity is a gift God has given each one of us, in various ways. I believe each of us is to express that in our own lives, in our own ways, to His glory. Although this is not a “craft blog”, don’t be surprised to see creations, and maybe even instructions amongst these pages.

In addition to the general enjoyment of creativity by anyone, creativity is also a great healer (as is music). Expressing ourselves in creative ways not only reduces “normal” stress, but can assist in bringing healing from great trauma, whether that is physical brain injury or brain injury caused by emotional trauma.

Creativity is not artistic skill. It is not just for a few talented ones. Nor is it just for the highly injured. It is for everyone. Find some time, at least weekly, to express your creativity.

freely whole {creative} exists to provide encouragement, for enjoyment and healing through Creativity. My message is: Everyone was created by our Creator to create. Artistic skills not required. I offer Freedom & Simplicity instruction–through local classes, retreat workshops, and perhaps here– for various forms of creativity to help you find the right outlet for your creative expression. Join me in creating beauty from ashes. 

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