Creating Life in 2022

What do you want to create more of in your life in 2022?

Hygge? That’s a popular concept right now.

I’m sure all of us have set New Year resolutions in the past. Lofty goals that “this year I will do it”, and like all other years, within 2 weeks they were dropped. If resolutions work for you, by all means, set some!

In the last several years, it’s become popular to choose a Word for the year, something that would be your focus for the whole year. The problem for me with that is we have no idea what the year is going to bring—the twists and turns, the ways my focus will change drastically from what I’d originally intended. Some years, along the way I have felt that a certain word really defined what was happening. But never has one focus followed a calendar year. A current focus may carry over from the previous year. I may begin the year with no idea where God is leading yet. I may have a direction and focus, that then drastically changes. If you have a Word for 2022, or one jumps out at you later, that is great.

For me, I usually tend to keep things a little broader. What general area of my life do I want to grow in in the coming year (whether that be for the calendar year, or just until I feel I’ve got it–or perhaps until something more immediate comes up)? As the year progresses, I adjust that according to the specifics that life is currently throwing at me. 

What have you found works for you?

Word of the Year?
General focus for the year?
General focus–for now?
Or perhaps you’re thinking, “What? Why spend time thinking about the year ahead? Just jump in.” Just focusing on what life’s circumstances and God brings your way?

Tonight, we’re going to take just a little time looking at choosing a general focus area for growth in the coming year—or just where we are going to start this year— and some things we can do to work toward that happening. This is not about being stuck in something that doesn’t fit, but rather moving toward creating more of what we want in our lives.

You can use any type of notebook or journal to work through this, but tonight I’m going to create a simple version, that you can create along with me—or make later, to make something customized just for you! Your own personalized, hand-crafted, unique, artisan journal. 

I’ll come back and add the video of creating it, here later. For now, if you’d like to create along, here is the list of simple supplies you can gather before this evening:

You’ll need:
* 7 sheets of paper (8.5” x 11”) that can be written on: 
plain printer paper
lined paper
dot or grid paper
dyed or stained paper
colored paper
a variety of unique types of paper

* 1 sheet of heavier paper/cardstock (12”x12” or at least 8.5”x11”) with a design on it:
(or you can make a design on it)
“scrapbook” cardstock (2 sheets if not heavy weight)
magazine page/spread
paper grocery bag
large manila envelope

* Large needle and heavy thread:
Upholstery thread
#5 Pearl cotton
DMC floss
Twine, jute, hemp
OR long neck stapler

* Scissors—(Paper cutter if you have one)

* Score board and bone folder, optional–Or Ruler and dull edge (such a pen cap or back side of butter knife)

* Pen/Marker, or Stamps & Ink, Stickers, Die cuts—to label the Journal and pages

* Other decorations, as desired—for adding later, throughout the year

Click this link to the Facebook Event, to join me live at 8 pm central, New Year’s Eve. If you miss it, I’ll post the video here later.
Here it is!

Living Coram Deo
~ Liberty

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