Finding Creativity

Do you ever feel that your creativity is lost? Or perhaps you think you don’t have any–that creativity is reserved for talented artists and skilled craftsmen? Did you decide being creative is a luxury you don’t have time for or can’t “afford”–that it isn’t really a part of life for everyone, only for “real” artists?

I believe we were all born to be creative! And, that it is–and should be–an important part of all of our lives. Part of that creativity is that each of us are creative in our own unique ways. We see a beautiful painting and say, “I can’t paint, so I’m not creative.” We see an expertly carved, fitted, and finished piece of handcrafted furniture and say, “I could never do that. I’m not creative.” The list could go on and on. We won’t all be beautiful painters. We won’t all be expert craftsmen. We won’t all be _______. Fill in the blank with what you are not, that causes you to think you aren’t creative. But… we should all Create! Our Creator created us to create!

Like all things that live and grow, creativity must be nurtured. Yes, creativity lives within you! And when fed, it grows. God gave you both sides of your brain, and they both need to be used and exercised! Like most things in life, doing something creates more inspiration and motivation to do it. Is your creativity buried deep? Perhaps it just sank because it’s been neglected. Perhaps it’s so deep you don’t even remember it’s there. It’s been way too long, perhaps since childhood, that you’ve brought it out. Why?

Did someone tell you that your project was no good? Did you compare it to someone else’s and determine yours was trash? Did someone shame you for taking time or money to work on something that wasn’t “worth” anything? Did you try to sell your products and there wasn’t much interest, so you decided it wasn’t good enough? Or perhaps even that YOU weren’t enough?

The death of creativity is comparison! “Not good enough”, “not worth it”, no matter who is saying it–you or others, is the #1 lie that kills creativity. But even the best and most prolific of makers have times when their inspiration is low. They sit down to create and no brilliant ideas fill their heads. They stare at their creative space and supplies and think, “I don’t know where to start today.”

The key is to just start. To get all the notions of creating something grand out of your head. That just brings pressure and stress, the very things creativity helps us relieve. Remember when you were a child, and you just drew stick figures with no faces and totally out of proportion. No shame for just expressing yourself creatively. Remember when you took colors and just put them on a page. No end product in mind. Just because you liked them. Did you know you can do that again? Creativity is not an area where you need “adult” skills. Not a place where you can only do it if you have “talent.” Not a place where you need perfection. Not even close. Not even “pretty”. Not a place where you are required to “put childlike things behind you.” Creativity is where you express with what you’ve got, and where you are currently at. No shame allowed! No putting yourself down allowed! No “not good enough” allowed! No showing to anyone who would try to put these things on you.

So, go create. Whatever you want. However you want. With no comparison. With no expectations. With no stress put on yourself. With no shame! No matter how it turns out! Never quit!

Do it, if for no other reason than relieving stress. Create calm, even if you don’t create anything else you love in your creative time. The time and money are worth it, even if this is the only thing you get out of it. “Crafting! It’s cheaper than therapy.” (Not a commentary that creativity takes care of all problems that need therapy. Get a good therapist/counselor/coach, if needed.) You will indeed make beauty from ashes if your heart is calmed while you create. But you will also engage and strengthen your right brain. You will increase your motivation and inspiration. You will cause your creativity to grow!

Living Coram Deo
~ Liberty

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