Merry Christmas!

or do you feel more, Ba Humbug. The holidays can be especially hard for survivors regardless of our situations– even for those of us that are on the other side, and creating new, wonderful lives we love. 

Perhaps your difficulties are in regards to children, hurting ones unable to escape and gain liberty. Perhaps it is loneliness, the loss of family and friends, when you chose life and liberty. Perhaps it is busyness, just trying to stay ahead of the demands of life–or the bill collectors.

Whatever your situation, when you look at the babe in the manger, choose to see the Lion of Judah, Who Rules and Reigns forever and ever. May Jesus fill your heart with His Peace & Joy, in the midst of the chaos, hurt and evil in this world. I know that is so much easier said than lived, but it is my prayer for you. May Jesus answer it in abundance for you.
🦋 💜

Liberty ~ freely whole

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