Happy Labor Day!

🩷 Some Labor Day trivia. πŸ’™ 😁
Skip to the end if TMI! 🀣

I’ve been through labor, (and delivered) 12 times. (The first completely alone, (in hospital) and clueless.) 😒
My longest labor was 60 hrs. My shortest, just over 3.
With one, I arrived at the hospital 5 minutes before she was born. With the next they remembered me, and she was born 3 minutes after I arrived.
My last 5 were born at home.

TMI, my water broke early in labor with only two. (Those happen to be the 2 I lost, 1 prebirth, one after.)
2 were en caul.
Rounding out my 13 was an early loss with no labor. 😒

I’ve never added up these hours of labor to get my lovies here, nor the hours of laboring over them these past 46 years. (Youngest just β€œbecame” an adult.) But I do know every minute of it has been a πŸ’œ Labor of Love! πŸ’œ

Happy Labor Day!

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