While I was convalescing last month, I had plenty of time to think of direction, focus, goals. I’d already made some decisions that would make a change going forward. I thought that specific path of change would begin in January, but found that it needed to be postponed for a little longer this year, leaving me in a gap. I’m a recovering overachiever, overthinker, overfunctioner. Having a gap, while looking to move forward, doesn’t sit well on my soul. “God, what do you want me to do in this “gap?” I have goals. I want to move forward with this. Why this holdup in the key area to do this?” I cried out to Him. And I listened for His voice.

As previously mentioned, I don’t typically choose a “word” for the year. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a focus, or things I desire more of in my life that I am working toward. Only that I don’t operate on a calendar for such things, neither for when a focus starts or ends, nor limit it to one word. Words, focus, goals, studies are all part of my life. As a writer, speaker, and coach, they are a BIG part of my life.

But in my listening, the word Peace repeatedly came to mind. Then other words would come to mind. Then everyone was talking about choosing their “word for the year.” God, am I to choose a word? Are You giving me a word? Is Peace my “word?” Are one of these other words? Let’s just say, I had no peace about it. No WOTY chosen.


about a week into the new year, Shalom came up–not even in my Bible studying. And I knew. Shalom was to be my topic of focus, of study. For now. Not my “word of the year.” Not the English word “Peace”, (which is the typical English translation of Shalom.) But the word Shalom. And the study began. …

to be continued.

Living Coram Deo
~ Liberty

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